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Tips and tricks on Using New E-cigarette  

     Your new electronic cigarette is not a complicated device but with anything new there is always going to be a bit of a learning curve. Here are some tips on the best way to maximize your electronic smoking experience so you can save both time and money.


Tips and tricks for new electronic smokers:


1. For the batteries, we will pre-charged them for testing before we ship them to you, so you do not need to charge them before using.


2. Get extra batteries and atomizers (or coil heads). These are the two things that are most likely to need replacing. A quick word of caution: It’s a good idea to make sure you like your particular electronic cigarette model first before buying all the extras. Once you know for sure you’re satisfied with it, get the extra hardware… you’ll definitely get good use out of them!


3. Get a car charger, USB charger and a USB passthrough. These will allow you to “vape” while driving or at your computer without the need to drain your batteries. Again, make sure you’re satisfied with your model before buying the extras.


4. Ues e-liquid substitute the filled cartridges. E-liuid provides you with another way to enjoy your e-cigarette. Rather than purchase refill cartridges, you can simply place a few drops of the e-liquid solution into your used, empty cartridge and one drop directly on the atomizer and you can have a refilled cartridge just that quickly! Simple as that!   The savings you get from e-juice is simply amazing. A 10ml bottle of e-juice will make about the same amount as 10 packs of cigarettes. Try getting 10 packs of tobacco cigarettes for the price of e juice, just not possible.


5. Start off with a lower nicotine dose. Electronic cigarette cartridges typically come in several different doses: High, medium, low and none. When you first get your e-cigarette you’re going to want to be experimenting with it a lot, trying new flavors, etc. If you’re not careful you’ll end up absorbing more nicotine than you’re used to… and possibly increasing your addiction to it. Start off low and increase your dose after the novelty wears off if you feel like it.


6. Take long, slow puffs. A long, slow, steady puff will give you the most vapor volume. Short, hard puffs will tend to flood the atomizer causing reduced vapor production (you may even get liquid in your mouth).


7. Switch atomizers frequently. Atomizers tend to get clogged easily and when this happens the vapor volume is greatly reduced. Switch out your atomizer daily for best performance and be sure to clean them frequently. (This tip only applies to three-part ecigs where the atomizer is a separate unit. Some newer two-piece models have a built in atomizer in each individual cartridge).


8. Keep the atomizer's coils  moist. The atomizer has to be properly maintained to ensure normal function. It always has to be moist. Never use the E-cig with a dry cartridge – this will destroy the atomizer. Don’t take puffs that are too long or to deep not to overheat the atomizer. If your atomizer gets clogged, you will get reduced amount of vapor coming from your E-cig. It's time to change a new filled cartridge or drop 2-3 drops e-liquid to the atomizer.


9. Avoid burned taste:  you can directly drop 2-3 drops e-liquid to the atomizer or coil head before you use a new atomizer/coil head;  then let the atomizer/clearomizer sit for a few minutes after filling with e-liquid; allowing the liquid to fully absorb onto the coil wicks, leading to a better vaping experience.


10. Try to clean your atomizer. It will be dirty after a long time vaporing, it needs cleaning. Cleaning your electronic cigarette - Keeping your kit clean and germ free, is important and will also increase the life of your product. A cotton bud and anti-bacterial liquid can be used to clean the battery connection that fits to the clearomiser. As for the clearomiser the unit, a simply way is: continuously press the battery button 5 seconds, you can blow the e-cig instead of inhaling e-cig, repeat 2-3 times, you will get a rich vape (strong throat hit, vapor, and flavor). Or can be cleaned either with a wet wipe or if you want to clean the whole clearomiser inside and out, put it into a cup of very hot water, let it soak, then take it out, shake dry and allow it to stand on a dry surface for aprox one hour, to allow the wick to dry out. Regular cleaning between uses is highly recommended.


11. To get a thicker / heavier vapour - press the button on your battery a second before vaping it will prime the vapour. If using an automatic battery take two short draws before your main inhalation.

 12. Do not overfill your carto / tank. Keep the wick wet by tilting the e-cig if liquid volume is low, between draws (if it's a top wick).
 13. Propylene glycol carries flavours better, vegetable glycerin produces a thicker vapour, high vegetable glycerine juice will make the atomizer work harder and shorten the atomizer lifespan.
14. Try dripping a few drops of e-juice directly onto the atomizer to test new juices or test new mixes of juice before filling the tanks, it will give you a very pure unadulterated flavoursome vapour.
15. Try a low resistance atomizer / clearomizer [ they heat up quicker ] for a thicker heavier vapour.
16. The more your battery power drops the lower the voltage but the atomizer stays the same so if the vapour seems  too weak recharge or use your spare battery.
17. If the battery light flashes while you are drawing you may be overheating the atomizer this usually happens when you draw for more than 5 seconds the atomizer cuts out to  avoid overheating and shorting the battery, let the atomizer cool down  for a few seconds before re-using.
18. If the battery light keeps flashing it is telling you the power is running low, recharge it and use the spare.


19. E-liquid and flavours-Some people report that over time the e-liquid flavour they use seems to taste less strong/sharp compared to when they first started using it, this can be rectified by changing flavours regularly. De-sensitisation [ less sensitivity ] to a specific taste can occur if you only use that one flavour [ much like a cigar smoker becoming accustomed to the harsh taste. As soon as you have used another flavour, the full taste will return when the original e-liquid flavour is used again. Some people use menthol to clear their taste buds between different flavours.


         Follow these tips and you will have a head start on being able to fully enjoy your new electronic cigarette as soon as possible. If you’re unsure about something be sure to check out some of the ecigarette forums online. These can be an excellent resource for answering nearly any question you can think of.


        Congratulations on choosing a healthier smoking alternative… happy vaping!

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