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e-cigarette online shopping

Robert Bonie 2018-10-17 come from Public Guest Book ON ORDER # 201810542935. rECIEVED REPLACEMENT TODAY AND am testing same.. Thank you for your quick response. That's why I shop with you. DAMN GOOD SERVICE!!


Jennifer 2018-05-07 come from Public Guest Book   Hi, in a previous order from your company i was sent a sample of red tea oil as a free gift. i really liked this flavour but cant seem to find it in your order list. Can you please let me know how i can purchase some more red tea oil.


ABBAS 2018-04-30 come from Public Guest Book   Thanks for ur help never let me down.cheers


Shayna 2018-04-30 come from Public Guest Book   Dear chen I am so happy with your guyses product the smell is amazing and so strong it actually smells like homemade food I love the taste and I also liked the way u packaged it I plan to order from u again thank I so much ms.parker


Darryl Morris  2017-10-04  come from Public Guest Book   If anyone is interested, I have been using coffee for about 4 years. I have just received a small bottle of spearmint and I have added a couple of drops into my clearomizer with coffee. It tastes great.


Robert Becker 2017-09-09  come from Public Guest Book   Hi Beci,thank you for your wonderful service. Kind regards


Cynthia Guptill 2017-09-08  come from Public Guest Book   I want to thank you very much for promptly tackling my address problem with PayPal. You have always found a solution to any difficulty I have had. I tell everyone about


Kathryn Hodgson 2017-08-13 come from Public Guest Book   Im about to make a purchase. I always buy my liquid and accessories from you. Im a regular client requesting discount for being a regular customer.


Grisel Zalewski 2017-08-01 come from Public Guest Book   I would like to express my gratitude for your prompt delivery and your kind free gifts and replacement coils. It is reassuring to see that you listened to my concerns and are trying to assist in adressing them.


john kaye 2017-06-21 come from Public Guest Book   thanks for being so helpful it correcting the problem!!

Traci 2017-06-17 come from Public Guest Book   Just received my eliquid so so happy! Love your e liquids the flavor is great and cloud is perfect on the Vg/of mix. Thank you so very much!

Gerard 2017-04-12 come from Public Guest Book   Thank you very much for the lovely gift of the Nautilus tank and the sample liquids. That is very kind. The Nautilus tank is very nice to use. Kind thanks

Frank Olivera 2017-03-12 come from Public Guest Book   I always wished i could travel your country...You are an amazing people and I admire your family structure. I may never get to see your counntry.but I live to dream

Monty 2016-12-16 come from Public Guest Book   Recieved my other package today,it was great,l really like the IStick 30W it is a great product! Thanks for your help!

Monty Watson 2016-12-13 come from Public Guest Book   Received my first order today,everything good! Thanks for your great service!

Eddy 2016-10-20 come from Public Guest Book   hey guys I contacted my local post office an they told me that my packages have just left your country today...What's going on did I insult you uses to only take 3 days, thank you and keep up the good work

Moyra Mclean 2016-09-28 come from Public Guest Book   thank you guys i received the package in record time and thank you for replacing the two cartomizers that did not work with my last order...i really appreciate it....moyra.

Rick 2016-09-12 come from Public Guest Book   Hi Beci. Your product works well and I have not had a tobacco cigarette in 3 1/2 years now. I'm wondering, I know tobacco cigarettes are very bad for my health. Ecigs are not as bad

Link 2016-06-01 come from Public Guest Book  hi I recently purchased from you and am extremely happy with response and delivery time, product is great.

sriram nagaraj 2015-12-07 come from Public Guest Book Thanks for the wonderful customer service yet again. Will continue to use you for all my vaping products.

Heather Jones 2015-11-9 come from Public Guest Book  I'm thinking about making my own juices, thanks for the GUARENTEE!I think you guys perform a great service. My fav flavor is/should be very simple to make

Thomas 2015-10-02 come from Public Guest Book  Hi there, very satisfied with my purchase, keep up the great work!

Rick 2015-07-02 come from Public Guest Book  Beci I want to thank you for the great service. I really like your products as well. There are many vape stores close by, but I buy from you. Other side of world.

Shinji 2015-06-16 come from Public Guest Book  Today I received my ordered goods. Thank you for some free samples. Also new version of clearomaizer BCC is good.

mike stevens 2015-06-13 come from Public Guest Book  Happy happy happy !!! shi shi Was great flavour, shipped just fine, all very good.

Russ Lynch 2015-06-05 come from Public Guest Book Thank you for your prompt service, and the free gifts with my recent order of 200ml e-liquid. I am very happy, and completely satisfied. -RCL

matthew 2015-03-19 come from Public Guest Book hey beci great service once again ive got some root beer flavoured product different strengs I took out of boxes and forgot which one goes in which box is there a way to tell which ones r high medium and low from the bottle kind regards matt

Monty Watson 2015-03-09 come from Public Guest Book Got my order today, everything was there and all looks good. Thanks and keep up the good work.


come from

trog100 2008-11-10    whats does most of the comment mean.. or more to the point is it of any value..
if cost dosnt come into it i would say wicked.. if it does i would say but only one could be considered a brand.. either way i am currently smoking flue cured 24 mg stuff and intend to order some more..

lucisac 2008-11-14

I can vouch for, Beci the representative is so helpful and is always online and available. I can only say good things about him, not one complaint there. Oh, Jeff from Janty is great too, can they be added? Steve from has also been great to me overall, lightening fast deliveries at great prices.

robw 2008-11-19

May I suggest, you also look at what we are all pretty much using on this forum.
I would suggest you take a look at the supplier link at the top of this page.
I can say from experience that you will get a better performer and lower price from some of our trusted dealers like Puresmoker, Litecigusa, bestecig, Janty and many others.
Smoke51 just got a decent review, however there are some short comings. NJOY well, the response on this forum speaks for it self, and its not good.
Take some time and read the reviews, check out the video section and read some of the comments here. Some of the best suppliers just are not on search engines and they are really the best ones to start with.
Im a Fanboy of - Your #1 Source For ECigs, Parts, & Accessories! LITECIG USA and recently BestEcig-Newest Mini E-cigarette|E-cigarette|wholesale e-liquid
You can not go wrong with them.
Other members here can also give you some feedback on other dealer that I have not yet had the pleasure to buy from yet.

robw  2008-11-19

Placed an order on 12-12 got it on 12-19 from China to Texas USA.
Wow that was fast.
I ordered a bunch of stuff including pen styles both USB and regular, lots of batteries and atomizers etc. Everything was stainless steel finish, which is actually to light weight to be steel, probably aluminum.
The finish on everything was very nice. The packaging took me 5 min to get through, basically a huge ball of bubble wrap with a shipping label on it.

SambucaLu  2008-11-20


I so far have tried out the USB pen style and 901 style and works well.

have had good luck with them too rob. Fast shipping for China! I know what you mean about the wrap. I have to sign for it at the post office then ask the girl if I can use her scissors....can't wait to see what's in it! lol
I am going to order some more supplies from them too. Can't beat the prices when you have enough to make the shipping worthwhile.
Glad your experience was good!


taz3cat 2008-11-20

I have used them and have found Beci to be very reliable.


Bertrand   2008-11-20

Ordered Saturday, got to Australia Wednesday. Yes, fast. I think both Bestecig and the EMS folks must work through weekends.


robw  2008-11-20

Ya no joke. EMS is a hero.


dave1212  2008-12-21

I can vouch for them, too. Got my stuff in like 5 days, was never expecting it so quickly from China.


Coldevil  2008-12-21

yup 1 week to uk here,can't fault them


jackolantern  2008-12-21

It does not surprise me that the Chinese companies actually have excellent customer service. They are at a disadvantage in the market since many Americans and others around the world are worried that the shipping will be too much, it will take too long to get, the product will break, it will not work in the first place, etc, etc.

They know they have to work hard to get and keep business. Many Chinese products are great, but you would never know it watching the news.


SambucaLu  2008-12-21

put an order into Beci last night. He wrote and said it was Sunday there so it would be sent out today. When he sends it, he gives me a tracking #. He does send it EMS. All my past orders from them have taken 3 days to get to US customs, a day there, then it's at my post office the following day. Hopefully the same will be true this time.
True enough, though, I have not been so lucky with other Chinese shipments. Some will say they will take 2 weeks to get. But one of the worst was a package from the UK. Holy Christ! Thought I'd die before that thing came! And the Royal Air tracking # gave me nothing but "your package was released to the US for shipping"...or something like that

PeteMcArthur 2008-12-21

All my orders from Beci have come on time, the only exception was a hold up in UK customs, even that was only a week.

Bertrand  2008-12-21

The fact that they haven't answered emails ruled out bestecig. :)

Dc2k08 2008-12-22

yup, beci: nice guy, prompt service, good prices.

dave1212 2008-12-22

I can vouch for them, too. Got my stuff in like 5 days, was never expecting it so quickly from China.

Rickstar009 2009-2-20

Bestecig is my current supplier, i just bought every e-cigarette and all the accessories that they have ..its a very cheap! an inexpensive e-cig web store
I have yet to find an e-cigarette web site that compares in prices to ....but hopefully with this thread i might find an even better! supplier *but i doubt it*
*************Adding the forums as well sounds good dc2k08 mate

I said i would let you guys know how i went with, so here it is
I received my USB e-cigar, my BE112 pen style and USB DSE901 USB battery today from and this USB e-cigar is really good, i have been vaping it for an hour now and the liquid flavor in my mouth that is coming from it is tantalizingly sweet on my tongue…I may have jumped the gun abit before giving it a real try….not being able to see the led light when in the middle of a puff can be annoying but i can get over that….the performance is exceptional and the vapor output is as think as a cloud to say the least….but it’s the distance that counts and i have to wait an see how long this seemingly good performance and longevity of this e-cigar will be before showing any signs of failure....fingers crossed!
       The BE112 also seems like a good producer of vapor and works well…..i plugged both the USB e-cigar and the BE112 into my USB hub instead of my main USB port on my PC and that’s why they at first did not seem to work like i was told they would *Silly gaffe on my behalf* D-oh!!
       The USB DSE901 battery is playing up though…I have contacted customer service at bestecig and they seem very helpful thus far…It looks promising ..i could be doing something wrong though, but i am sure i will figure it out.... i think i have to use there 901 Atomizers with there USB 901 battery...i will try there atomizer some time today and see if that does the trick

Cellmeister 2009-2-28
I can vouch for Beci @,
They are a smarter over there, fast shipping, great warranty ( 7 month & they back it!) , good products (for their style) and excellent customer service, they will email you back ASAP (on their time zone).
I do think they have to update their Atoms for more vape, and reduce there DOA's & SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome).
I would suggest that you buy the (5) Packs of Batts & Atoms with any Starter Kit order, may be more money but u will not go dry for a long time.
There USB Passthroughs are very well made & the juice is Good.
I always get may orders in 4 to 5 business days (to east coast)!

Cellmeister 2009-3-6

 have never had an issue with Best e-Cig, I order every couple of weeks. I always get the email with the tracking #, and link back to their site to track it as well.
I just got my order today I ordered last week.
I have never had any issues with orders from BestEcig....
Keep Vapin!


I placed an order with them yesterday. They supplied a tracking number within hours, and were very professional in their correspondence. So far, I have tracked the package to the GUANGZHOU facility. The order was for some 801 penstyles and a bunch of spare atomizers, etc. I will toss a note into this thread to say how it turns out.
I can say this though: They respond to questions immediately, and have been very courteous and responsive so far.
My order took 4 working days to arrive. Beci is extremely helpful and always at hand to answer queries and the EMS serial number he provided allowed me to constantly keep track of my order...I think the original poster was just unlucky.
Randall Fox 2009-3-6
As a repeat bestecig customer, I think they have excellent customer service and good product quality. Beci always responds in a timely manner, and stands by the warranty no questions asked. The free e-liquid after the New Year was a cool bonus, too.
Misty 2009-3-6

I've only had great service from bestecig along with great prices ! Ordered several times already & Beci is always very helpful and patient..
Every order to date has come through seamlessly - a real pleasure to deal with..

Mrl 2009-3-6

I got my 901 from bestecig, expecting my second order to be delivered either today or Monday, Beci has been great, always responding to queries promptly. I have not had any problems so far with the hardware.
Asidrave 2009-3-6
i also placed an order with bestecig. Beci answered all of my questions and i felt confident to place an order
Taz 2009-3-6
I have always recived good service for Beci at Bestecigs. I really like their penstyles and their prices. Their stuff lasts as longsor longer as anyone else I have order from and Beci replaces stuff "no problem".
Faethe 2009-3-27
Beci from Bestecig is gold. Good product, excellent service. No worries at all.
MyB 2009-3-29
in the past 2 months i have made 3 orders from always get it six days after ordering. i just ordered 10-10ml bottles for $42., thats .42 a mL. i compared the total price with shipping to about 5 others stores and bestecig is always the best. their price per item is way cheaper. and the shipping price is 18.50 for the first 500 grams. and if you are a repeat customer, beci always adds 10ml of juice for free. i have only had a battery fail in the past 2 months and beci replaced it on my next order no questions asked. i have his 112 (801) and his 103 (super mini). total i have 12 atoms and 8 batts, no DOA's and one dead batt after 2 months use. thats a great track record i would say. i like all of lquids too, they are consistant.
Moonlightscp 2009-4-4
Beci is awesome, very nice doing business with them, no problem with any products up to date, 6 days to Canada, faster than ordering locally. Really enjoy the juices too.
Bernards 2009-4-4
I just want to share my experience. I am in Singapore. I placed an order near midnight on the the 31st. I received the package on the 2nd morning. Wow. All this without paying thru my nose for DHL or FedEx. They even got the order correct. Double wow.
In comparison. I placed an order with another vendor on the 29th. The package is still in Shanghai the last I checked.
5 stars for
Smokie 2009-4-4
Good results from best-ecig orderd two large orders and both were from china to ny in 5 buisiness days. and beci is very good at e-mailing info of order. just my two cents
Misty 2009-4-6
Have ordered from Bestecig and was thrilled to find amazing service, great immediate shipping and 801's atomizers that were really really good! definitly also a hassle free transaction, bestecig is the "best"!
LuckySevens4U 2009-4-7
I have just recently placed an order with them and I have been MORE than impressed with their business professionalism and their communication. I'll keep you all posted as to how it goes with my order getting here, but so far, so good and was VERY impressed.
Mr Mojorisin 2009-4-8
I just got 15 35ml bottles and a lot of hardware delivered yesterday. 5 business days shipping and no problems usual. I haven't heard of anyone having issues with BECI stuff getting through. He wraps everything in a Customs repellant (giant ball of layers of bubble-wrap and tape).
Best part is that he includes all warranty parts with your order so no returning faulty parts.
VAPE 2009-4-8
I just received my second order from Bestecig and am totally happy with their parts and liquid. Ordered 5 attys and 2 batt all working fine. Got some RY4, not as good as PS Riskee (mellow and smooth tasting), it had much more of a tobacco flavor and hit to it. Still I have never had any issues with their e-liquid as far as quality. I did get a bad 901 USB passthrough in my first order, got replacement in this order and it works great. Didn't have to bother to send the bad one back!
As long as Beci and Bestecig are sellin Ima Buyin!
ZUG 2009-4-8
Have orderd three large orders from bestecig and they are very professional and they get it there fast(china to ny in 5 days) always have a lot of stock got one bad batch of batteries and beci was very happy to add the batteries free of charge to my next order. I would say if you are going to buy a large order of cigs and psrts and some juice you cant beat the price even with the shipping, if you are just ordering a couple of bottles of juice stay stateside.
 BoiseMike 2009-4-9
Have ordered from Bestecig and was thrilled to find amazing service, great immediate shipping and 801's atomizers that were really really good! definitly also a hassle free transaction, bestecig is the "best"!
First post here:
I just received my first shipment yesterday from Beci at bestecig. One week from placing my order to showing up. He had filled it in under 24 hours, the rest was shipping time. This is my first PV. Pretty neat. Haven't had an analog since it got here. I bought the 901 model, 1 extra atomizer, 5 carts and 2 bottles of liquid. (He threw in a 3rd bottle for free.) I was very happy with his service. Happy with the product so far, but I think I need to buy more batteries and maybe a USB passthrough since I now sit at my desk using it. May as well plug it in.
I find it works best with a really full cart, and maybe a couple of drops on the atomizer. Nice hit that way.
First post here:
I just received my first shipment yesterday from Beci at bestecig. One week from placing my order to showing up. He had filled it in under 24 hours, the rest was shipping time. This is my first PV. Pretty neat. Haven't had an analog since it got here. I bought the 901 model, 1 extra atomizer, 5 carts and 2 bottles of liquid. (He threw in a 3rd bottle for free.) I was very happy with his service. Happy with the product so far, but I think I need to buy more batteries and maybe a USB passthrough since I now sit at my desk using it. May as well plug it in.
I find it works best with a really full cart, and maybe a couple of drops on the atomizer. Nice hit that way.
keit 2009-5-13<, /FONT>
 have placed 2 orders with Bestecig and wanted to add my raves about them. Both times rec'd my order in 8 days from order time to my front door in "Way Out in the Boonies Idaho". They have great communication and customer service. Can't recommend them highly enough.
Plus side-their attys have little or no primer gunk to get rid of. They come ready to vape!!!! Love em!!
Just got my order from then.. Quicker than I thought and I got free juice also.. Not a bad turn around and good CS.
Maskgeek 2009-5-14
I ordered from 5 suppliers in China on the same date. And Bestecig was the 1st packages that arrived to me. It just took 4 days.
Hmmm, how come you guys got free juice?
Oh, I just checked, I also received a bottle of free juice (RY4). Thanks Beci!
I will surely order from them again.
Bluueyekelly 2009-5-16
I think bestecig is great... I should be getting a package from him next week, He responds to e-mails fast and ships fast, even my first order which I placed during one of the holidays there whent out a day before he said it would. so I like buying from there.
Patgwashere 2009-5-18
I agree. Best ecig flue cured is great. I had been using totally wicked juice which is also great. Best ecigs juice is less than half the price. Their be-112 atomizers are their best deal at 5 for $30.00. I have an order for 5 flue cured(35ml) and ten atomizers coming soon. Their blank carts are also good and only 70 cents for a pack of 5.
Andel11 2009-5-18
For parts, blank carts and liquid, I go to Bestcig, and yes their Flue Cure is good. Prices are cheap shipping in 5-7days to California from date of order. And Beci always answers promptly
Pea 2009-5-21
i have three batteries, two atomizers and an usb battery and they all work great,i think.
ti's my first e-cig whatnots~....but iv order twice and both times took 7 days...
in my professional not knowing any better opinion, i say yay ---->left turn -up
Frexe 2009-5-28
Finally got my stuff today. Opened up the ball of bubble wraps, and extracted all the goods. All the 901 batterys were nearly fully charged even tho, , , ugh Im going to leave them trickle charging for an additional 8 hours. Everything works great I am quite satisfied.
Happily 2009-6-04
juice prices are good and shipping was fast
QueeenInNC 2009-6-05
I have ordered from BEST several times and have been VERY pleased!! The products are great and for me the customer service is outstanding!
Andel11 2009-6-05
Have like 5 of their atomizers and you are right they last and last and last.
Beci always gets back to me in less than 24hrs, never had a problems with communications and that seem strange to hear , from someone that he's not getting a response, hopeful its going to the right email.
Viceedsscoffee 2009-6-06
I ordered a couple of 901 kits from Beci and have had no problems with them. I was very surprised how fast I got my order as well.
brialeeanna20 2009-6-06
did my first order from BestEcig-Newest Mini E-cigarette|E-cigarette|wholesale e-liquid the other day. Got it verry fast and order was 100% correct!! if you add him to MSN he is on 3-4 times a day and will alwas answer my questions. I only ordered a case and extra charger becouse i have a local guy that i get everything else from becouse he has stood behind what he sales and gives 1000% on costumer service.
Gabriellyon 2009-6-09
I recently placed an order with Beci and was very pleased with how quickly I received the package. It has been one of the fastest order to door step experiences I have had to date from any supplier. My problem though has been with the quality of the equipment. I ordered a five pack of atomizers and batteries for the pen style model. I have had my order for a little over two weeks and so far two atomizers have gone completely cold and three out of the five batteries have such sensitive switches that they turn on anytime they have to travel outside of the house (or occasionally if I give them a funny look). I have not contacted the supplier yet since if I have to report hardware failure I kind of want to do it all at once so I have no comment on the customer support at this time. Has anyone else had equipment batches that had high failure rates from this supplier in the past? I have heard to many good things to not follow up on this but wondered if perhaps recently maybe a bad batch of equipment slipped through the cracks? Thank you.
Tj1231 2009-6-10
I've had great experiences with Beci too. I ordered several items a few weeks ago and got them in 6 days including the holiday weekend. I did have an atomizer fail within three days. I emailed, got a quick and courteous response, and he's shipping a replacement with my 2nd order that just cleared customs today. great communication, fast shipping, and a good product will keep me coming back for more!
Otime 2009-6-17
Just giving my 2cents. Ordered my first e cig (901) from Beci and was really impressed by the customer service. It arrived very quickly and everything seems to be working great so far. I found this thread really helpful. Thanks everyone. Happy vaping.
Vaporette 2009-6-22
My order arrived today, placed the order 10 days ago. Got freaked-out when I tracked it and it said 'Handed to customs'.
Sent an email to Beci to ask whether they'd resend the order, but they replied promptly and truthfully that it was normal and it took 2-3 days to clear.
Totally impressed with the 901, the 401 not-so but I'm guessing that's just due to that model's limitations. All the batteries and atomizers work, one atomizer works better than the rest, but I'm , just hoping I need to bed them in. I'm new to this vaping thing, but just glad that the order arrived at all!
No problems with these guys and great customer service.
Crafty myra 2009-6-22
I cannot fault at all. Wow fast shipping or what !! I ordered my second lot on Wednesday last week and , it arrived today. I am using the passthru and it is great I also ordered 5 batts and 5 atts for my BE112. I did order more juice, healthcare and flue-cure but yet to try them. What do they taste like? I got them because I see a lot of people talking about them.
PatandSassy 2009-6-23
I cannot say enough good things about Beci. Gre, at products, very fast service, and you can chat with him on MSN IM.
I too have order from there. the shipping was very fast. i am also please with my 901 i have had it for 3 weeks now and my atty is still goi, ng strong.
cancer 2009-6-27
 placed a rather large order(kept hitting add to cart) and it was payed and finished 1:05am EST Tuesday June 23rd 2009. I received shipping info 2 hours later 3:22 am EST June 23rd 2009. I, received my order June 26th 2009 at 1:10 pm EST. That is INCREDIBLE for any order ..let alone the SIZE of it and it came from CHINA. I received a bunch of BE-112(801) atomizers(too many to check lol) and the two i tested were great and smooth without a breakin period. Now for the juices. I have my favorites,yet I decided to try these because they had 36mg and I was gonna pay shipping anyway. Well, I was surprised that they tasted VERY GOOD. I used them to vape on my new Prodigy from Puresmoker, and all 6 flavors, passed with flying colors! I felt the strength of the nicotine QUICKLY so i do not think they fib on there nic content whatsoever. The Peach was my favorite, Yet Coffee,Ry-4,Cola,Menthol,and Strawberry tasted and smelled like there names described. I also got empty 801 carts, and they were as expected and the cart filler was , really thick and absorbent. Got some Be-112(801) batteries and all of them charged well and were not DOA. So in a nutshell, I thank Beci Shin for a wonderful experience and great products. I recommend
Amione , 2009-7-03
I too am impressed by the customer service and prompt processing of bestecig
The moment I place and order i get a mail acknowledging payment reciept etc. and usually the order ships within an hour or two.
Since I am in India the customs do take 5-10 days, during which time the order status on EMS site keeps saying 'handed over to customs' - and i keep getting the feeling that its been confiscated or something, but it gets released finally and arrives at my home the same day.
Also 1 on my M401 batteries had a problem that it would remain ON all the time, and BECI has replaced it without any issues at all.
Shipping costs of bestecig , , , , , , are a little higher than some others for orders below 200 gms or so, but about the same for larger orders.
Am also very satisfied with the quality of the M401, parts, carts etc.
BigJimW  2009-7-03
Mine came in today, marked "USB Adapter" and put the price of the item as $7.00. So technically, they're not lying about the product. It IS a USB adapter.
And I can see why Customs won't stop these things. The bubble wrap it came in was the size of a small football! It took me 20 minutes just to unwrap it. They probably say "screw it, just let it through"
If they go thro, ugh EMS as a courier, chances are it will go through customs quicker. In fact, tracking the package from China to NY to my home town never once showed it being stopped at customs.
Very good shipping time I must say. I will definately be doing business with them again, especially once the FDA banhammer drops. The USB Passthrough kit is as advertised. They even toss in a 10 ml bottle of e-juice. It feels kinda funny smoking (vaping) something plugged into the computer. Wonder if I can download porn with the thing?

Christ2650  2009-7-05
Good prices, good products, fast shipping AOK...
I got a BE112, love it! Much more vapor than the Blu, better taste (Menthol), better battery life ......

5 days to Ohio Great service and products I think. Been ordering there for 4 months.
ADvaita 2009-7-07
Seems like a lot of good reviews for bestecig, and I have to give them the thumbs up too. I ordered their screwdriver liquid pack a few weeks back and got it very fast!
MVD65 2009-7-09
Considering the distance the delivery to Florida was super fast. Faster then some US suppliers. Just 4 days. Didn't have a chance to test quality, but definitely - rocks.
The Wiz 2009-7-09
Good Luck Mac......Best's Juices are pretty good....and the price is even better!!Drip-away!!The Wiz!
Zofryer 2009-7-09
BestEcig is rapidly becoming my sole parts and liquid vendor. I love the be112 atty/cart combo. I actually prefer their liquid over anybody else's at this point. I'm developing a love affair with their 555, cola, and even their Marb. First marlboro from anyone I've actually liked. Their flavors are fantastic. Shipping is quick. Prices are very reasonable.
MAC 2009-7-11
got my liquid in 3 days!!! It is awesome the cola really tastes like cola!! The ry4 is awesome!! 2 thumbs up!
TiggerST67 2009-7-11
I have placed 5 orders with for parts and liquid. The shipping is FAST 5-7 business days and I have been really happy with the buying experience. My orders have been filled by both Beci and Liu and they both do a great job. The "ball" of bubble wrap is fun to cut through too! Ha Ha!
Basil 2009-8-16
Just got my order from Beci - fast fast shipping - this out to the middle east.
Couple of 901's to play with. Big ball of bubblewrap delivered to my workplace.
Great service, will order again from them. Need to find out how good their 112's are next......
Carfty-myra 2009-8-16
I have their 112 and as far as Im concerned it seems to give me a smoother pull and a greater throat hit that my 401 or my 510. I bought 5 batts and 5 attys from him 2 month ago and they all work great still....
Wv2win 2009-8-20
I just ordered 10 - BE112 (801's) atomizers from Ordered them late on Sunday night and they arrived today from China.
Basically they got here in 4 days. Now that is some really good service.
Nerf 2009-8-20
I get all of my atomizers from BestEcig-Newest Mini E-cigarette|E-cigarette|wholesale e-liquid (correct url there), the damn things last forever and survive even stupid mistakes like passthrus that get left on accidentally for 10-15minutes. Great company and great service, they've always treated me right.
Muma 2009-8-20
Beci is wonderful with shipping and customer service. If you email with your order information, you'll get a very nice discount from what is advertised on the web site.
I've ordered from there several times now and I've found the BE112 (801) attys, as well as the 901 attys, to be very well made and durable. They work quite well with the high volt PVs.
Xirgot 2009-8-30
I've had very positive experiences with this company. For some reason, their packages arrive at my door 4 days after being ordered, while every other Chinese website I've ordered from has taken considerably longer.
DrSarcasma  2009-8-30
Just, got 500 ml of 36 mg Super High no flavor from Beci. Awesome service. He answered any questions I had in minutes! He's pleasant and professional. I got the order in 7 days. Not bad considering the customs problems some folks have had with e-liquid.
I will DEFINITELY order from Best E-Cigs again!
Thank you, Beci!
Jwood  2009-10-17
Hey all, still new enough to posting I can't create my own thread, but wanted to bump this one for
Placed my order last Friday 10-9-09 and received it today 10-16-09. I was pretty nervous ordering from a Chinese supplier and when their shipping methods tracking (EMS) wasn't showing the kind of updates I expected from them (my only experience being FedEx tracking) i was getting really nervous since they didn't have an update since Monday of this week.
Overall though, was awesome with replying to my emails and so far all the batteries and atomizers I ordered have worked like a charm, in addition to the different juice flavors I ordered being very tasty. I'll never think of menthol the same way again lol.
I am really happy with as a supplier and would recommend them to anyone.
I have placed 4 orders with Becci over the past 3 months. LOTS of eliquid, atomizers, and accessories. His customer service is EXCEPTIONAL, shipping is fast and I have not had a problem with his them. I have placed about 7 orders with puresmoker in the US and their prices are awesome, products awesome customer service awesome. I have ordered from about 7 other companies US and china and I settled with these two companys. Because they are IMO the best overall I have found and I want to support the US as well as get a good deal.
Indeed, Bestecig is top notch in shipping and support. The nice thing also is that they honor their warrentee without having to deal with the hassle of shipping the defective part back. I received a dead atty when I bought my 103 passthrough kit and I emailed them about it. They gave me the option of shipping a new one now, or waiting until my next order. I opted to wait until the next order. I ordered, mentioned my atty in the shipping notes, and viola, a working atty was in the order along with the rest of the stuff. No fuss, no muss.
Bestecig is a very unique company. They make their own unique juice (very clean taste) and e-cigs (their own interpretations). I know what you mean about their menthol. It's what really sold me on the e-cig experience. If you ever pick up a real cigarette again you'll wonder where the flavor when. And the taste. And the enjoyment...
These days there are too many companies out there. It's great if you find one you like. I've found like five, so you won't hear me complain. On a whole it's a pretty good industry. Only one not so great experience, but we're a loyal bunch to the companies that treat us right.
Back on-topic - my third order for eliquid been placed with Amazing that you can send $150 cash by western union and rely on the order being hand-delivered to your door after a week.
Beci sent an email to confirm all is good - unusually careful service - they really do want your custom that's for sure....
       I am very happy with my bestecig stuff. I made a HUGE order and shipping was unbelievably friendly for about 12 kits, countless liquids and several cases. The only problem I've had is quick-dying attys, but the original atty I bought locally only lasted a week so I don't particularly blame bestecig.
       I ordered on a Chinese holiday which delayed my order by maybe a day. beci emailed me and told me to pick 10 free 10ml smoke juices! Of course i had to see what in the hell red tea was. It tastes like... sweet tea! I'm from Alabama, but I don't think I like it hehe.
      The smoke juice is very nice and i love the flavors. Strangely vanilla reminds me of smoking a swisher sweet cigar. I texted my dad earlier and told him to give it a try because that is what he is trying to quit.
    Their super-high 36mg juice keeps me from craving analogs at all. Sometimes I think I want one, but I try one and nearly gag now. It's nice to "quit" without withdrawals.
     Next time i will order a bunch of atomizers and a bunch of the flavored juice and most likely some blanks. Smoking 2 flavors at once irks me as i find that the chocolate, vanilla and coffee are rather gourmet.
      So... the end of it is... I like these guys =P
I cant speak about there hardware, but have ordered liquid from bestecig several times, the orders are shipped promptly and the liquid is very good quality and packaged well. Only problem Ive ever had is US customs holding up orders that would normally take five days. They tend to hold them about a week sometimes. They usually send a freebee or two too, often sample flavored liquids.
I can't say enough about Great prices, great service, and they stand by their product if you have a problem. I have gotten both hardware and 500ml unflavored e-juice from them. Beci's service is fantastic. I recomend them highly. Although, order a lot of stuff from them when you place an order. Shipping from China is expensive.
I quit smoking 14 days ago...which coincided with the arrival of my first order from It took just 5 days to get the order to Texas. It's now been 5 days since my last order, and I'm watching for the postal carrier as I type this!

Beci is an absolute gem...he let me combine two orders so that my shipping cost was way less.

The great thing about orderting from China is that when you place your order at night, it's already tomorrow there, so they immediately fulfil it, and then they ship it "backwards in time" by another half of a day.

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