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BestEcig Products Reviews  
1. Bestecig Mini and Pen E-cigarette reviews --come from,
1). Author:tifacloud  09-25-2008Smoking penstyle e-cigarette
Thought I'd do my first review here on bestecig's mini and penstyle. This is my first time writing a review so please do excuse me if its not up to par. My stuff arrived today. Pretty fast considering it was delayed. It took about 5 days (including a weekend) in total.
Pros :
The cigs came with a nice box with thick, solid foam which offers pretty good protection. The finishing was pretty ok to me since I'm still pretty new to this and don't have much to compare it with. The batteries fits ok and the finishing on the cigs were pretty standard. I ordered black and I do like the look and feel of it.

Pretty good and easy draw on both the pen and mini. Vapour production was also pretty, make that very satisfactory. Since its still new, I can't really make a fair judgement but as of this moment, I'm pretty happy with it. One more thing is the batteries came charged so I could start puffing away right away.

Ok. The biggest peeve i have is that quite a number of stuff is missing. My eliquid and my cigar did not arrive. It was really disappointing as I really wanted to try the cigar after reading Nazareth's review. I am going to contact the seller tomorrow to see what can be done.

As for the flavor, I got high flue-cured for the cartridges. I really hate to say this but I did not particularly enjoy the flavor. To me, it has very little to no throat hit at all. The taste was rather wierd but I suppose that is rather subjective. Pretty good smoke volume though.

One more rather wierd thing is that I have taken the cartridges out to squeeze for juice and I found this really strange white patch of something at the bottom of the wool. I have attached a picture of it so you guys can have a look. Its not paper. Feels more like latex. Hopefully its nothing harmful.
I did enjoy my purchase. The price is pretty attractive and the performance of the cigs makes it pretty good value. The seller seems pretty helpful and accomodating. He even imformed me that my package was delayed. Hopefully I can get my missing items. Overall, if something can be done to improve the taste and throat hit, I would say its a pretty good buy.

*btw, perhaps the seller (Beci, I think) might like to consider sending a sample to some of the veterans here for a video review. I think alot of us newbies make judgements based on the reviews and comments from this forum.

2). Author:rob  01-29-2009
My best ecig is from
After a month of using it, I have finally found the massive vapor and throat hit as well as flavor I have been looking for.
It is the BE112 which is a generic pen style
I got the BE112 for $29. I also picked up a pack of 5 batteries and 5 atomizers.

So far all the batteries are still performing well. Ive tested all the atomizers and have not had to swap off the one that was screwed onto the pen when I got it. It is as massive amount of vapor. The vapor is so large I have to blow it to the side when im watching TV because it litterally blocks my view of the TV.

The throat hit is so strong, I get choked up like if I was inhaling a real cigar or had just taken a 5 second draw on a real analog. The throat hit remains until the battery dies, which is about 4 hours. I use 3 batteries a day and they are really good quality. The atomizers do not require a primer hit because the battery just has so much kick.

The carts Bestecig sells are garbage, but I drip so it does not matter to me, and all generic 801 pen style carts fit. I just rip the cart off the mouth piece.

Flavor is my biggest judging point. Why buy flavored e-liquid if the ecig does not get hot enough to bring the flavor out. The DSE901 was my flavor cig, but the BE112 just blew it away. Even after getting new batteries for my screwdriver which increased the flavor of the 901 atomizer, I now do not touch the 901 unless im out of BE112 batteries. I only have 1 charger for the BE112 and both me and my wife fight over the 6 batteries we have. I steal them off her cig when she is not looking and give her my discharged one. I just ordered 5 chargers and 5 more batteries from bestecig to compensate for 2 people using it.

I got the stainless steel version and it gets lots of inquires, as well as compliments.
5 packs of batteries are $40
5 packs of atomizers are $30
So thats it, untill something better comes along

2. Bestecig E-cigar No.1(throwaway e-cigar) reviews --come from,
Author:Lucisac  11-29-2008e-cigar women_pic
Just ordered a 5 pack of disposable cigars from BestEcig-Newest Mini E-cigarette|E-cigar|wholesale e-liquid and I must say it's good to be back with something that packs a punch with loads of taste.

I have tried many e-cigs and some cigars, and there are definetely some advantages in using this cigar from my personal experience.

I personally love drip smoking this cigar, it gives me the opportunity to inject the other flavours of e-liquid I have lying around the place to taste them at their full potential. I am not sure if it is the plastic internal housing, the atomizer/battery performance or the shape that makes this cigar bring out and hold the true flavour of e-liquid, but it is like a dream come true.

Took 5 days to come arrive the way from China to Australia so the wait was not too painful. This isn't the first time I have tried this cigar, but this time round it is even better than it was before.

The draw is nice and easy and the vapor output is very consistent as long as the atomizer is moist of course, and I don't have to suck for more than a second or two to get a nice strong throat hit satisfaction using medium e-liquid @ 11mg. I may even need to go to a lower nicotene level next time as using this device really does vaporise the liquid nicely.

One of the other things I love about this cigar is that it holds its taste. When the atomizer runs dry and the vapor lessens, there is no burning taste, that awful taste I get from every other device I have owned apart from disposable cigars. Don't ask me why cause I don't know, I am not an expert, just a consumer. It could be the fact that the internal housing is not of a metal nature, the way the atomizer controls/limits its heat, I just don't know but in the end it gives me a beautiful taste left in my mouth each time.

Finally, this cigar is so cheap. At $15 US for a cigar or a 5 pack at $70 US, it's definitely worth a try if you have not tried a disposable cigar before, it just doesn't let you down, and the shipping is very reasonable at about $20 US for half a kilo ($16 US to Australia). I got a bundle of e-liquid from Bestecig as well and it tastes awesome in this cigar I truly say and is once again bang for your buck.

On top Beci (the representative) is always nice, patient and informational and is always available for assistance.


3. BestEcig USB E-Cigarette Reviews:
usb e cigarette_pic
deewal  12-05-2008
OK I got my usb penstyle E-cigarette USB Battery: for pen style e-cigarette today and i'm well happy with it. It took 2 days to get from China to the U.K and then 5 days via Parcelforce to get it to my house in Scotland. (The 2 days from China includes the time it was in customs.)
Speaks volumes for for Royal Mail.
The usb DSE901 is
Mini e-cigarette USB Battery: e-cigarette usb edapter and is the same price $10.3 (£6.90 ?)
There's plenty of power from it and no more having 3 batteries charging constantly. When the smoke gets less it's just a matter of putting in a New cart. Another bonus is that i don't think it goes through the dreaded "self clean (destruct) cycle". I had to pay about $22 shipping but i was at the point where i was going to have to buy a couple of new ordinary batteries anyway which would have cost almost the same in the UK.
Plenty of length on the usb cable, plenty of vapour constantly'cause it don't run down
The fact that it constantly gives the same power really shows up the health of your Atomisers. Some of my Atomisers that have been through the self destruct cycle and then been cleaned (by me)just don't work or hardly work. So now i know which of my atomisers have life left in them and which i can bin.
Also if i want to i can attach it to a USB Battery Pack so i could take it out with me.
I hope UK sellers will start selling these as they are very very useful.
Obviously don't know the lifespan yet but i would suggest that if you want to buy them from China buy a lot of stuff so that it makes the shipping go further as it's done by weight.
Overall Score
Battery Excellent

Supplier Excellent
Parcelforce UK Booooo...sssssssssss
parapo 12-10-2008
received my usb adapters from best-ecig, 901 and penstyle.
momswann 12-26-2008
I just got the usb pass through battery for the 901 and it is great. Like having a constantly freshly charged battery.

4. Taste of Marlboro--come from,
Author:Nazareth   09-16-2008, 03:12 AM e liquid_pic
TASTE I absolutely love the Marlboro taste- for you real cigg smokers who smoek Marlboro, I think this taste will come hte closest for you. I've been vaping hte cigar all day, and it's still tastign good- leaving a great Marlboro taste in mouth for abotu 15 minutes afterwards. Now, havign said that- when I exhale and then inhale hte vapor htrough the nose, there is a smell that I don't find very agreeable- I can't really describe the smell though, but it's not overpowering or anything, and I can't smell it just exhaling the vapor, but inhaling it htrough nose just isn't agreeable to me- but others may not mind it. I also got the 555 flavor cartridge for review, and I'm not real keen on the taste- to me it's sweeter, and has a taste similar to SmartFixx cartridges which while not terrible, was just a flavor I didn't care for too much, but others may liek the taste, and it does have a reminiscent flavor to tobacco- just not nearly as strong or pleasant as the Marl in my opinion.

BestEcig mini e-cigarette review and my shopping feel--come from our  Canadian customer,
Author: Ian Auclair 12-20-2012,
What hooked me first up to bestecig is the fact that they accept PP.
I was at first intrigued, bit skeptics but I decided to try it.
At first I was impressed by how well does costumers services answers everything, they are kind
and really patient. I was also impressed by how fast and how cheap was the shipping, they got my
package here in 6 buisness days for 17$(which is mostly 30 for others)
, and it is not a major city. Also there was absolutely no hidden fees
and had no trouble passing the Canada customs.

Now for the product review , the BE103. This is the perfect kit to start out.
It's the closest feel to a cigarette, it's slightly heavier though. It puffs wells.
It's a bit longer and larger than an analog, but it's easy to get used to.The pressure switch
balance is nearly perfect, they won't be triggered with anything else than inhalation, and they are not
too hard to draw.Batteries last quite enough, mostly between 2-6Hours depending on how I vape.They take about
1.5-2.5 Hours to charge. I'd recommand alterning batteries or getting a Personal case charger, which is perfect
if their is no usb/ac near or if you don't want to look weird or stupid.
For me it's a perfect remplacement for cigarettes.
The only thing I have to say about the BE103 is the cartridge capacity , which is fairly low.
5 Cartridge would be an equivalent to a pack as they hold (for me) about .1 or .2 Ml each.

The E-Juice was a shock for the price. Fair amount of vapor comes from the VG/PG mix, mostly the same amount as a cigarette for a light/medium
smoker.Throat hit from vg/pg is great, if you smoke full flavour, else I would recommand the VG mix.
The flue-cured doesn't taste foul, its taste is really close to virginian tobbaco, which is kinda smooth.

Remember, bestecig always listens to their customers, they are open to inquiries and are really kind.
They threw in a freebie or two. I'd definitely buy from them again.

6. Placing order from experience    come from http://www.e-cigarette-forum.come-cigarette online shopping

trog100 2008-11-10

whats does most of the comment mean.. or more to the point is it of any value..
if cost dosnt come into it i would say wicked.. if it does i would say but only one could be considered a brand.. either way i am currently smoking flue cured 24 mg stuff and intend to order some more..

lucisac 2008-11-14

I can vouch for, Beci the representative is so helpful and is always online and available. I can only say good things about him, not one complaint there. Oh, Jeff from Janty is great too, can they be added? Steve from has also been great to me overall, lightening fast deliveries at great prices.

robw 2008-11-19

May I suggest, you also look at what we are all pretty much using on this forum.
I would suggest you take a look at the supplier link at the top of this page.
I can say from experience that you will get a better performer and lower price from some of our trusted dealers like Puresmoker, Litecigusa, bestecig, Janty and many others.
Smoke51 just got a decent review, however there are some short comings. NJOY well, the response on this forum speaks for it self, and its not good.
Take some time and read the reviews, check out the video section and read some of the comments here. Some of the best suppliers just are not on search engines and they are really the best ones to start with.
Im a Fanboy of - Your #1 Source For ECigs, Parts, & Accessories! LITECIG USA and recently BestEcig-Newest Mini E-cigarette|E-cigarette|wholesale e-liquid
You can not go wrong with them.
Other members here can also give you some feedback on other dealer that I have not yet had the pleasure to buy from yet.

 robw  2008-11-19

Placed an order on 12-12 got it on 12-19 from China to Texas USA.
Wow that was fast.
I ordered a bunch of stuff including pen styles both USB and regular, lots of batteries and atomizers etc. Everything was stainless steel finish, which is actually to light weight to be steel, probably aluminum.
The finish on everything was very nice. The packaging took me 5 min to get through, basically a huge ball of bubble wrap with a shipping label on it.
SambucaLu  2008-11-20

I so far have tried out the USB pen style and 901 style and works well.

have had good luck with them too rob. Fast shipping for China! I know what you mean about the wrap. I have to sign for it at the post office then ask the girl if I can use her scissors....can't wait to see what's in it! lol
I am going to order some more supplies from them too. Can't beat the prices when you have enough to make the shipping worthwhile.
Glad your experience was good!

taz3cat 2008-11-20

I have used them and have found Beci to be very reliable.

Bertrand   2008-11-20

Ordered Saturday, got to Australia Wednesday. Yes, fast. I think both Bestecig and the EMS folks must work through weekends.

robw  2008-11-20

Ya no joke. EMS is a hero.

dave1212  2008-12-21

I can vouch for them, too. Got my stuff in like 5 days, was never expecting it so quickly from China.

Coldevil  2008-12-21

yup 1 week to uk here,can't fault them

jackolantern  2008-12-21

It does not surprise me that the Chinese companies actually have excellent customer service. They are at a disadvantage in the market since many Americans and others around the world are worried that the shipping will be too much, it will take too long to get, the product will break, it will not work in the first place, etc, etc.

They know they have to work hard to get and keep business. Many Chinese products are great, but you would never know it watching the news.

SambucaLu  2008-12-21

put an order into Beci last night. He wrote and said it was Sunday there so it would be sent out today. When he sends it, he gives me a tracking #. He does send it EMS. All my past orders from them have taken 3 days to get to US customs, a day there, then it's at my post office the following day. Hopefully the same will be true this time.
True enough, though, I have not been so lucky with other Chinese shipments. Some will say they will take 2 weeks to get. But one of the worst was a package from the UK. Holy Christ! Thought I'd die before that thing came! And the Royal Air tracking # gave me nothing but "your package was released to the US for shipping"...or something like that
PeteMcArthur 2008-12-21

All my orders from Beci have come on time, the only exception was a hold up in UK customs, even that was only a week.

Bertrand  2008-12-21

The fact that they haven't answered emails ruled out bestecig. :)

dc2k08 2008-12-22

yup, beci: nice guy, prompt service, good prices.

dave1212 2008-12-22

I can vouch for them, too. Got my stuff in like 5 days, was never expecting it so quickly from China.

Rickstar009 2009-2-20

Bestecig is my current supplier, i just bought every e-cigarette and all the accessories that they have ..its a very cheap! an inexpensive e-cig web store
I have yet to find an e-cigarette web site that compares in prices to ....but hopefully with this thread i might find an even better! supplier *but i doubt it*
*************Adding the forums as well sounds good dc2k08 mate

I said i would let you guys know how i went with, so here it is
I received my USB e-cigar, my BE112 pen style and USB DSE901 USB battery today from and this USB e-cigar is really good, i have been vaping it for an hour now and the liquid flavor in my mouth that is coming from it is tantalizingly sweet on my tongue…I may have jumped the gun abit before giving it a real try….not being able to see the led light when in the middle of a puff can be annoying but i can get over that….the performance is exceptional and the vapor output is as think as a cloud to say the least….but it’s the distance that counts and i have to wait an see how long this seemingly good performance and longevity of this e-cigar will be before showing any signs of failure....fingers crossed!
       The BE112 also seems like a good producer of vapor and works well…..i plugged both the USB e-cigar and the BE112 into my USB hub instead of my main USB port on my PC and that’s why they at first did not seem to work like i was told they would *Silly gaffe on my behalf* D-oh!!
       The USB DSE901 battery is playing up though…I have contacted customer service at bestecig and they seem very helpful thus far…It looks promising ..i could be doing something wrong though, but i am sure i will figure it out.... i think i have to use there 901 Atomizers with there USB 901 battery...i will try there atomizer some time today and see if that does the trick

Cellmeister 2009-3-6

 have never had an issue with Best e-Cig, I order every couple of weeks. I always get the email with the tracking #, and link back to their site to track it as well.
I just got my order today I ordered last week.
I have never had any issues with orders from BestEcig....
Keep Vapin!


I placed an order with them yesterday. They supplied a tracking number within hours, and were very professional in their correspondence. So far, I have tracked the package to the GUANGZHOU facility. The order was for some 801 penstyles and a bunch of spare atomizers, etc. I will toss a note into this thread to say how it turns out.
I can say this though: They respond to questions immediately, and have been very courteous and responsive so far.


My order took 4 working days to arrive. Beci is extremely helpful and always at hand to answer queries and the EMS serial number he provided allowed me to constantly keep track of my order...I think the original poster was just unlucky.
Randall Fox2009-3-6
As a repeat bestecig customer, I think they have excellent customer service and good product quality. Beci always responds in a timely manner, and stands by the warranty no questions asked. The free e-liquid after the New Year was a cool bonus, too.
Misty 2009-3-6

I've only had great service from bestecig along with great prices ! Ordered several times already & Beci is always very helpful and patient..
Every order to date has come through seamlessly - a real pleasure to deal with..



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