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1.FQA For Using Visa/Mastercard online

*If your payment is failed, and receive a notice email contained one of following reasons:

 1.Your card must be 3D (SecureCode) enabled:

please have a try. MasterCard SecureCode  or Visa Authenticated Payment Program

2.We do not process customers in this country:

choose paying with other payment methods.

3.Risk denied the transaction:

choose paying with other payment methods.

4.Missing zip code:

Filled the correct customer data must been consistent with your visa information.

5.Transaction declined by bank:

try it again after some time.

6.Invalid Credit Card number (parameter credit card number):

filled the correct card mumber.


you can pay by the following link, not need place order again. (remark: your order no.)


 *Please see our frequently asked questions below for possible answers to a query you may have.
1. do not recognize the charge on my bank statement. 

 If your bank statement reads, we are able to assist you in any matters regarding the transaction. Do not hesitate to contact our free customer service at any time.

2. How do I use my credit card securely online? 

 When shopping online, always use web pages you are familiar with and trust. A good indication of the quality of a merchant web site is answered by these questions: 

Do they use SSL certificates?

You can see this easily by looking at the address bar in your browser. If it reads: https:// on the payment page, your credit card information is securely transferred.

Do I pay on a pop-up screen leading directly to a known bank?

This payment method is called web form and is a more secure alternative way of making payments online since the communication goes directly to the bank.

Are there complaints regarding the company on forums and online?

Misbehaving merchants are often and soon written about in various forums online. Google the web site if you are unsure of its quality.

 As an extra measure of protection ask your card issuing bank if they can provide a 3D secure credit card to you. A 3D secure enabled card will prompt you for a 4 digit pin number that you have chosen when making a purchase online.

3. I forgot the web site address I bought on. How do I find that out?

Either use the contact form and request information on what site the purchase was made or call our support staff on1866 7235766(USA) or 86-75525846724(China) and ask them directly. 

4. My card was stolen and I did not make the purchase, what do I do now?

Contact the support staff on1866 7235766(USA) or 86-75525846724(China)

  for advice and help with getting your funds returned. Remember to always cancel a stolen or fraudulently used credit card.

2. Isn’t nicotine harmful to human health? 
 Tomatoes also contain nicotine but do not cause harm to the human body. The real injury to the human body is not from nicotine, but from tar. The e-cigarette does not contain tar.

3. What are the constituents of the solution-mixture in e-cigarette cartridges? Is the solution safe?
The E-cartridge is mainly composed of propylene glycol, and a very small amount of nicotine.
 Propylene Glycol is a food additive found in many foods we eat today, such as food coloring, flavoring and also used to keep food, medicines and cosmetics moist. It is considered as generally safe and it is the element that helps to create the vapor that simulates smoke.
      Nicotine is an alkaloid that is naturally present in certain plants. A high presence is found in tobacco and a low presence is found in common vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes and green peppers. Nicotine, when delivered in small dosages such can deliver a feeling of calmness or relaxation. Current available information states that nicotine in and of it self has not been shown to promote the development of cancer in healthy tissue. Additionally, it has not been shown to have any mutagenic properties. This being said, it should also be noted that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has not evaluated nicotine as of this time.

4.Could the e-cigarette really be substituted for an ordinary cigarette and does it really deliver the same flavor as ordinary cigarettes?
      The e-cigarette simulates traditional smoking, by meeting smokers physiological, psychological and behavioral needs. It offers a variety of flavors to satisfy smokers unique taste requirements and cultural backgrounds.
5.What’s the main difference between the e-cigarette and ordinary cigarettes?     
          The e-cigarette does not use combustion and produces no smoke; It does not produce any new substances in the process of vaporization. Furthermore, the e-cigarette, does not produce any dangerous substances such as tar carbon monoxide that are produced during ordinary smoking. It does not produce second-hand smoke that would harm family members and pollute the environment.

6. Is the product approved by the FDA or any other US orgnaization?
      Electronic cigarette is a nicotine delivery device, and it does not fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA or any other US Regulatory Organization at this time. Electronic cigarette is not a product that calls for the oversight of either the FDA or the Alcohol and Tobacco Trade Bureau as it does not contain tobacco. Our product and it’s benefits do not fit the classification of products that these organizations govern.

7. Some people get dizzy or feel nauseous after using the e-cigarette. How could this be true if the product has no side-effects?
If people inhale excessively, or too quickly or intensely at first time, a person may feel temporary discomfort; in that case, a person should start with a lower-level nicotine cartridge.

8. Can I use this product anywhere?
 Electronic cigarette does not have any burning of tobacco. It is non flammable, and it does not produce any smoke. And thus, you are allowed to use this device in public, where the law is applicable.

9. Do you guarantee your product?
 Yes, we include a 180-day warranty for our electronic cigarette. Any defective parts will be replaced absolutely free at no cost to you.

10. How do I maintain the Electronic Cigarettes?
 Our products have passed rigorous quality control from our manufacturing, so The Electronic Cigarette needs little regular maintenance. When its indicator light dims,or the vapor is little,  it’s signaling the need to change the battery unit with one that is fully charged or replace a new cartridge.
      However, You may encounter some problems during the usage of Electronic Cigarettes. You can resolve the problem by yourselves with the following instructions:
Fixing Method
there is less smoke
battery power is not enough
recharge the battery or replace the battery
E-liquid is not enough
change the cartridge
do not change the cartridge too frequently
add few drops of E-liquid on the cartridge
do not put too much E-liquid
too much E-liquid
smoking without the cartridge
have a break if the atomizer gets too hot
you can take off the atomizer and fling it, some water maybe thrown away
take off the battery and do not fling too strong
inhale too strong
if everything is ok but there is still less smoke, you may not puff too strong
do not puff too strong, you may get more smoke with less inhaling
there is no Vapor
battery power is not enough
recharge the battery or replace the battery
bad power contacts
clean the contacts or tighten the contacts
do not put the battery with the wrong polarity
the e-liquid leak into the battery
you can take off the atomizer, holding a battery back-end, fling it on several times,  some water maybe thrown away
too much E-liquid
smoking without the cartridge;
have a break if the atomizer gets too hot
take off the cartridge, blow from the other end
do not blow too strong
you can take off the atomizer and fling it, some water maybe thrown away
take off the battery and do not fling too strong
bad atomizer
if the battery is good but there is still no light, the atomizer should be replaced
you can use several batteries and atomizers by exchanging to find out whether or which battery or atomizer is bad
battery is dead
bad battery
if the atomizer is good but there is still no light, the battery should be replaced
the light
is always on or flash
the switch is always on
knock softly to switch off
do not hit too strong
blow from the inhaler end
do not blow too strong
the charger light does not change
the battery has been charged
it is normal
when charging, the light is red; when full, the light becomes green. the normal charging time is 3-4 hours.
bad contacts
clean the contacts
use soft cloth to clean it
tighten the contacts
do not tighten too strong
bad battery
if the charger is good, the battery should be replaced
you can use several batteries or chargers by exchanging to find out whether or which battery or charger is bad.
bad charger
if the battery is good, the charger should be replaced
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