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Products Home > E-Smart e-cig (Ø11mm)

E-SmartE-Smart (BCC Version) Metal Tip-5X
5pcs/pack, Price: $0.25/pc
Removeable Hard metal tip. Hard metals instead of plastic made out of poly-carbonate, it fits with eGo/510 atomizers and Mini Protank-3 clearomizers too.
Price: $ 1.25

E-cigarette-E-SmartE-cigarette-E-Smart (Simple kit)
Single unit PVC box simple packaging, Including:
1 E-Smart clearomizer tip
1 E-Smart clearomizer
1 E-Smart battery
1 E-Smart USB charger
Price: $ 10.95
Color: Yellow Black Stainless Steel 
White Red Blue 
Green Pink Purple 

E-cigarette-E-SmartE-cigarette-E-Smart BCC version (Simple kit)
Single unit PVC box simple packaging, Including:
1 E-Smart (BCC Version) Metal Tip
1 E-Smart (BCC Version) Detachable Tube
1 E-Smart (BCC Version) Bottom Base
1 E-Smart BCC Coil Head
1 E-Smart battery
1 E-Smart USB charger
Price: $ 11.45
Color: Blue Black Stainless Steel 
White Red Yellow 
Green Pink Purple 

CCellCCell TH210 CBD Ceramic Clearomizer
Vertical ceramic rodcoil technology, faster heating, bigger vapor, no bad burnt tastes, offer purest taste as well; not only can work well with normal e-liquid, nicotine salt e-liquid, and also works great with thicker CBD oil:
Dimension: Φ10.5*62mm;
Resistance: 1.8 Ohms (Normal resistance), 1.4 Ohms (Low reistance);
Capacity: about 1.0ml E-liquid;
Top E-liquid filling: The e-liquid can easily be refilled by removing the top cap of tank only;
Material: ceramic drip tip+ Pyrex glass Glass tank,provide cool clean vaping experience;
510 thread electrode: Compatible with E-Smart and 510/eGo thread batteries.
Price: $ 2.65
Color: Black White 
Based on:
Normal resistance Low resistance 

CCellCCell TH210 CBD ceramic Tip
Ceramic mouthpiece:
Provide cool clean vaping experience. Only can work with CCell TH210 TH205 CBD Ceramic Clearomizer
Price: $ .4
Color: Black White 

E-SmartE-Smart CCell CBD Clearomizer e-cig simple kit
Single piece CCell TH210 CBD ceramic coil clearomizer with E-Smart battery e-cig starter kit(diameter:Ø11mm):
1 CCell TH210 CBD ceramic coil clearomizer
1 E-Smart battery
1 E-Smart USB charger
Price: $ 10.75
Color: Stainless steel Black White 
Red Yellow Blue 
Green Pink Purple 

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